2013-10-05 08:23:03 by JspidermanP

That is all


2013-01-24 16:48:18 by JspidermanP

Dear people who do not contribute to the site (draw/animate/makegames/music) yet think they know how easy everything is. Shut up. Make something, and then have an educated opinion. You just might gain a little more appreciation for what goes into something as simple as a fluid walk cycle.

That is all.

Rookie mistake

2013-01-13 12:18:56 by JspidermanP

Spent quite a while making a female char look really good.. turned her into a symbol, few scenes later took symbol out THOUGHT i turned it back into a bitmap and started editing.. well I totally didn't and my original model is completely wrecked by this atrocity that took me two minutes to make... FUCK... oh well... rookies make rookie mistakes. (hopefully never again)

School is awesome

2013-01-08 17:59:40 by JspidermanP

Second day of school today, had this really cool aussie teacher teaching us technical art. Pencils not allowed, pretty intense. But I think this is really good because I suck at drawing and would love to get better so I can't wait to see what he pushes us to do. Either way it will have a direct reflection on my animations from now on. Stay in school children, AND FOR F**KS SAKES PAY ATTENTION! So many kids in my class seem to come to school and think their parents are paying for them to socialize and play games on the pc and then upon graduation they will just magically start making money from some superjob they imagined. Jeeze are they in for a rude awakening. Although when I was 17-19 I guess I was the same way too so I can't hate, I just shake my head.

Random talent

2013-01-04 19:09:22 by JspidermanP

Just had a visit from my wife's cousins and while they were here they saw me working on the animation and were pretty interested. So Idea light bulb illuminated above my head and I asked them if they wanted to do some voice acting. Sure enough they were happy to do it. So I wrote up a script like a mad man and they each had time for 2 takes before they had to go. I have never put voice audio into a flash vid before so I am not sure how this will turn out. And the cousins don't live in this city so I will never get another voice sample from them, but they did such an amazing job at reading the script the way I intended it to be and really made the characters sound like i imagined that I doubt I will need any more takes. To be honest initially I didn't want to do the whole socializing thing, because I really wanted to be productive today. And It turned out the "distraction" turned out to be a productive distraction. Lesson learned. Make your obstacles work for you instead of against you. ADAPT AND OVER COME.

All in all, a good day in the office.

Next animation the perfect girl... or is she??

2013-01-04 10:59:57 by JspidermanP

Daydreaming the other day about the times I had played video games with girls, and sadly (although I am guessing it was due to the genereation) finding a girl that was good at games was few and far between. So I thought I would make a Video about a girl that was an elite gamer and hot. Second semester of school starts on Monday so I doubt I will finish this one before then. But either way that is the plan for the next vid. Nerdy guy plays Videogames with hot gamer girl.