2013-01-24 16:48:18 by JspidermanP

Dear people who do not contribute to the site (draw/animate/makegames/music) yet think they know how easy everything is. Shut up. Make something, and then have an educated opinion. You just might gain a little more appreciation for what goes into something as simple as a fluid walk cycle.

That is all.


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2013-01-26 12:50:48

Go to my news. Check out the link. I'm 13 years old, and I made these in a day. How're these stickmen?

JspidermanP responds:

No clue why you put it on another site. But yeah good job


2013-01-26 14:02:13



2013-01-26 15:25:15

Sorry if I pissed you off.

JspidermanP responds:

Wasn't you personally, just trolls in general.


2013-02-03 00:01:51

I see not much point in you sending me a friend request after you reply to my comment basicly saying that just because I haven't uploaded anything on here, I have no idea and or right to say if an animation is good. how about you? have you ever made a retail video game? have you ever made feature film? have you ever written a book? and yet you are allowed your view of such things, you can say a movie or game or book sucks yet you have never put in the work or time or effort to make one yourself. as is everybody im entitled to my thoughts and words just as are you. if you take an issue with my views then simply ignore them. I said it was pointless because as you said it was made from a contest you saw that was 10 or so years old. I know works even the most basic of works take time. they can be anywhere from just a handful of minutes, to months of hard tireless work. that said, the under judgment section is for just that, judgment. I never said your effort or time or trials were pointless, but the fact you submitted such a thing. I ask you now, why send me a friend request? I respect your views of my comment, I would have made it more lengthy and point making but I was tired at the time. I am sorry if I offended you for it was not my goal. I hope you get better, I hope you keep trying, I hope you advance as long as you wish to keep doing animation, but please. understand I am as entitled to my views as you are to yours.

JspidermanP responds:

Well said and I completely agree. I sent you a friend request because sometimes good friendships come from initial disagreements. Once you argue with someone and you learn something about them. As long as it ends amicably there is no point in holding a grudge so why not see if a friendship forges from it. If you don't want to accept the friend request that is fine with me. See you around.